About Us

Get to know us

Everything Servers is a company that provides outsourced 24/7 technical support, server administration, server security and various other services to Individuals, Data centers, Hosting companies and others around the globe. We specialize in administration and security of Linux and Windows based servers, products and services. Our team consists of the best and brightest young minds and therefore, we are able to offer the highest quality services available today.

Everything Servers was launched in the early days of October in 2013 by
RapidTechSolutions LTD, a registered company in United Kingdom.

Why Everything Servers

At Everything Servers, you receive support from our certified, experienced and qualified team of professionals. We want you to focus on the core of your business while we take care of the servers part of things. With time, you can also save a lot of effort and money which leads to increased production and profitability for your business. Below are just some of the reasons why you should choose to go with us:

Friendly & Expert Technical Support

We provide both Expert and Friendly support to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we work towards maintaining a good relationship with our customers. All technicians hold many professional certifications including: RHCT, RHCE, CCNA. We make sure that each member of the team meets all of our extremely demanding quality standards before they can work with our clients and handle issues. Therefore, we also guarantee that the quality of support you will receive, will meet or exceed your company’s expectations.

Fast Setup and Response Time

We offer a guaranteed initial response time of 30 minutes for all technical support requests. This means that you and your customers will always receive quick assistance from a team of highly skilled individuals. As for the setup time; once you have specified your requirements and have choose a plan, you can begin to utilise our services within 24 hours.

Scalable and Customizable Solutions

Our solutions are both Scalable and Customizable. You do not have to worry when your requirements increase as this simply means that the size of our team also increases in order to meet our client's demands. Our plans can be customized to be suited for every customer's requirements. Therefore, whatever your requirements may be - we can provide our solutions to you.